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Adventures in Procedural Content Generation - Adam Speers

Computer Games Design

Adventures in Procedural Content Generation - Adam Speers

Historic Building Assignment

The Brief: You are required to model and texture a building suitable for a first-person game, working from photos of a noteworthy local building.

You will identify a noteworthy building. Photos will be used for reference to ensure accuracy and authenticity and, if desired, for the creation of textures. Textures may also be created from materials sourced from the internet. At least two textures must be seamlessly tiled. All textures will be composited/manipulated in Photoshop, saved as appropriately named tgas at a power of two resolution, and applied to a model in 3DS Max (2018) at a consistent texel resolution of 512x512 per base poly unit. You will use a single multi/sub-object material comprising of no more than eight discrete materials. Each discrete material must contain a single diffuse colour map, specular level map, and normal map, and must be flagged with a reactive material type ID such as stone, wood, etc. Opacity maps are optional and you are invited to employ decals and trims. Texture atlases must not exceed 1024x1024 pixels. Students are working with a poly budget of between 1,400 and 2,000 polys. 

Source Images

Captured at: St Peters Church, Church Ln, Levington, Ipswich IP10 0LQ

Source Image 1

Source Image 2

Source Image 3

Source Image 4

Source Image 5

Source Image 6

Source Image 7

Source Image 8

Source Image 9

Model Renders

Polycount: 2000

Render 1

Render 2

Render 3

Render 4

Model Textures

Decal: Diffuse colour map

Decal: Specular map

Decal: Normal map

Flint: Diffuse colour map

Flint: Specular map

Flint: Normal map

Flint_Light: Diffuse colour map

Flint_Light: Specular map

Flint_Light: Normal map

Glass: Diffuse colour map

Glass: Specular map

Glass: Normal map

Old Bricks: Diffuse colour map

Old Bricks: Specular map

Old Bricks: Normal map

Old Plaster: Diffuse colour map

Old Plaster: Specular map

Old Plaster: Normal map

Roof Tiles: Diffuse colour map

Roof Tiles: Specular map

Roof Tiles: Normal map

Wood Trim: Diffuse colour map

Wood Trim: Specular map

Wood Trim: Normal map

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