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Adventures in Procedural Content Generation - Adam Speers

Computer Games Design

Adventures in Procedural Content Generation - Adam Speers

Dungeon Tiles Assignment

The Brief: You are required to design, model, texture, and export a set of modular assets suitable for a mobile device.

You will design and build a set of twenty modular assets, at least twelve of which must be tileable, and at least four of which must be unique props. Students are working with the following budgets:

• A maximum of 1000 polys per large tileable asset (maximum of two)

• A maximum of 500 polys per standard tileable asset

• A maximum of 300 polys per prop

• One sub-object material comprised of diffuse colour and self illumination (emissive) texture atlases (1024x1024)

• One sub-object material comprised of a diffuse colour texture atlas with an optional opacity texture atlas (1024x1024)

• One sub-object material for the props which must contain a diffuse colour texture atlas, and may also contain a self illumination (emissive) or an opacity texture atlas as required (1024x1024)

You will present these assets in a single, tidy 3DS Max (2018) scene. Textures should be appropriately slotted into the three sub-object materials and presented as a single multi/sub-object material. Textures and UVs must be constructed such that a consistent texel resolution is maintained across all assets. You will export these assets to Unity or Unreal and use these assets to construct three environments of varying sizes and complexity, demonstrating the flexibility of the assets. You will then light and render and present as three jpegs which would be suitable for marketing purposes on the Unity Asset Store or Unreal Marketplace.

Screen Renders

Unreal Engine: Small Environment Sample

Unreal Engine: Medium Environment Sample

Unreal Engine: Large Environment Sample


Prop: Candelabra

Prop: Crossbeam

Prop: Table

Prop: Barrel Wall

Prop: Ladder

Prop: Stone pillar

Vault: Upper wall

Vault: Corner_0

Vault: Corner_1

Vault: Dead end

Vault: Straight

Vault: T Junction

Vault: T Junction 2

Vault: T Juntion 1

Vault: X Roads 1

Vault: X Roads 2

Vault: X Roads 3

Vault: X Roads 4


Tile Atlas 1: Diffuse color map

Tile Atlas 2: Diffuse colour map

Prop Atlas: Diffuse colour map

Tile Atlas 1: Emmisive

Tile Atlas 2: Opacity

Prop Atlas: Opacity