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Adventures in Procedural Content Generation - Adam Speers

Computer Games Design

Adventures in Procedural Content Generation - Adam Speers

Snow Bandits - Boardgame

The Brief: This assignment will require the student to produce a non digital game which demonstrates a clear engagement with the core readings over the course of the semester. (e.g. one which demonstrates a response to the psychological principals we have been investigating; core game loops, endowed progress, variable rewards, affordances etc).

Please find below the board and rules. Please print a copy and play the game, I hope you enjoy it. 


Snow Bandits - Game Board

Snow Bandits - How to play

Objective: The objective is for players to race against their opponents and be the first to move all their pieces into the finishing area.

Players: Two, three or four

Age: 6+


• A specially marked board;

• 16 Players Pieces, 4 of each colour

• 10 lift pass tokens

• A single six-sided die. (Marked 0 – 5) (Take one from your roll for normal die)


1. Assign player pieces depending on number of players, place all the pieces in the ‘Ski School’ starting area, each player has a separate colour.

a. 4 Players – 2 each

b. 3 Players – 3 each

c. 2 Players – 4 each

d. 1 lift pass per player (Orange tokens) to be clearly displayed in front of the player

2. Players roll the dice to determine who starts (Highest roll)

3. In turn, players roll the dice and move one of their pieces that number of circles, counting the start circle as 1.

4. Rolling a Zero, the player can choose to take a lift pass token or roll again instead.

5. Players may have more than one piece active on the course at a time. For each turn players can only move 1 piece unless ‘Teamed Up’ – see 10 below.

6. Players normally move down the course following the blue run circles to the Finish.

7. There are three alternative runs, 1 black run (exact roll to finish) and 2 red runs. The start of these runs are marked by lift pass icons in the large circles. If a player ends their turn landing on one of these lift pass circles, next turn they can use a lift for the cost of 1 lift pass (Orange token).

8. A player who wants to use the lift must, at the start of their turn announce this to the other players and pay a lift pass token before rolling the dice. Stacked players only need to use a single lift pass.

9. If a player lands on a circle already occupied by an opponent, then a collision has taken place. The opponent’s piece(s) from that circle are sent back to ‘Ski School’ and must start again.

10. If a player lands on a circle already occupied by one of their own pieces, they can ‘Team Up’. The pieces may be stacked and moved together as a double piece in subsequent turns. Of course, in a collision both pieces will be sent back to the start!

11. Landing on a steal circle, marked with a yellow cross, allows players to take a lift pass from any other player.

12. The winner is the first player to get all their pieces to the Finish.